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Watch Vengeance: A Love Story Full Movie

Watch Vengeance: A Love Story Full MovieVengeance: A Love Story

IMDB Rating : 5.3
Date Released : 1 - 1- 2017
Movie Genre : Thriller
Movie Stars : Nicolas Cage, Anna Hutchison, Talitha Bateman

A gulf war veteran seeks vengeance against those who assaulted a single mother.

Watch Vengeance: A Love Story Full Movie

I can see why this film did note score well as it has lots of fall downs, but as a film its worth watching. If you accept the fact its all been done before and it panders to both cage and Johnson's ego's you will enjoy it, the daughter and mother will make you smile, chuckle and cry, cry a lot. Cage is trying to stay relevant in films but is still acting like its 2000. Don Johnson, 1991, love them both as icons. Once you admit that this is a Nick Cage produced film and enjoy it as a story, it actually is a good film.

Cage is his usual self. Not as cringy as lately, actually tolerable. The movie could have been good, but it is not. I suspect some other reviewers to be in the movie industry...or they just haven't seen that many movies yet. I give it 4 stars because the young girl is really good and the beautiful mother could have been edited to be excellent....BUT, this movie is the prime example of how NOT to edit a movie. Some of the scenes are waaay to long and downright unnecessary. But some of the cuts are so long (the mother in the hospital scene with cage) that it makes the actors look like overacting imbeciles. In one scene the beautiful mother goes through 5-6 moods/expressions. From scarred, confused, elated, relieved to sad and tormented relieved the same cut. And at the end, the dialogue follows the two actors by way to rapid cutting. I have never thought about editing before in my life...but this opened my eyes to the importance of that job. Got through about an hour, and just had to quit. I will think long and hard before I rent another Cage movie.

Straight to the point - this is a dreadful film. It has all the subtlety and breadth of a 3-year-old child's crayon drawing. Without exception, the support cast are absolutely awful in this. Their performances are clich├ęd, highly predictable and as wooden as a 2 by 4. The direction is unenthusiastic and the editing looks like it was done using Windows XP.

The story-line is something we've all seen a thousand times before - only, even the worst version of this hackneyed story is better than this. Every prejudice you can imagine is wheeled out, beaten with a stick until it screams 'stop, stop', and yet, is beaten again. I know we live in age of the 7-second attention span but this film is a waste of 6 of them.

Don't go to see it. And, sure as heck, don't pay money to see it.

The Death Wish series from the 1970s, in spite of shaky dialog and ponderous intervals in the story when nothing much happened, was considered a A-List B-Movie in its day, offering unusually raw violence, badder than bad villains, and, oh yeah, sending Charles Bronson's career into hyperdrive.

Now, if someone had blogged that they were going to do a knockoff of that story in 2017 starring an older and slightly washed out Nicholas Cage (now in his 50s) I would have answered, "you're kidding." But nope, not kidding, the movie was made anyway.

I am a big fan of nostalgia films, and this all the ingredients, right down to characters so overwritten you would almost expect them to be wearing either a "white hat" or a "black hat" (for the sake of children in the audience), but the fact is that this is neither an engaging film nor an entertaining one. Which does not leave much on the table.

It could however sort of serve as a "curiosity" film, with lots of strange things going on:

* Don Johnson, once called "the sexiest man alive" overacts to an almost criminal degree as a .... criminal lawyer.

* Deborah Kara Unger plays one of the hottest grandmas in the history of film. I wish I could say this was my original observation but I first noticed it in a mainstream review cross-referenced by IMDb. So the best I can do is agree with the comment.

* in the middle of this otherwise dull film, there is an homage to that infamous scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where a baddie pulls a knife on Cage and, Cage nonchalantly shoots him in the head without even breaking stride or changing expression. The whole scene takes 30 seconds, tops, but it is the highlight of the film. It may even end up on Youtube.

* Anna Huthison may possibly be auditioning for another movie entirely, and uses the film to show a pretty amazing range, from shameless tease to rape victim. One suspects she will be noticed. Deservedly so.
Title: Watch Vengeance: A Love Story Full Movie
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